World Cultural Heritage

World Cultural Heritage, Diamantina is the diamond land with historical tradition and rich musicality. Its single projection makes the perfect scenery to great religious parties and cultural gathering.

Take a walk downtown listening to jingle bells from time to time and be fascinated by the colorful buildings and unusual streets shape. On Saturdays morning you shouldn’t miss the Craft Fair at the Old Market where you can find several kinds of crafts, fruits, vegetables, appetizer and ethnic foods and drinks. You can join all this listening to and watching the youth dancing and singing along with valley musicians.

Come visit Juscelino’s Kubitscheck and Chica’s da Silva hometown – the Bossa Nova president and the slave that became a madam.

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Vesperata is an interesting outdoor night concert, held downtown on the famous Quitanda street. It’s performed twice a month from March to October.

Join one of the most amazing musical concerts from Diamantina’s culture: Vesperata. It’s a kind of serenade where the musicians play from the old buildings balconies to the crowd standing or seating along the many tables and chairs on Quitanda’s street. Each concert holds more than a thousand people. It’s a great sensation watching a live concert drinking great wines or if you prefer the famous Cachaça from the North of Minas. Pay attention to our Vesperata schedule and plan your trip!