O Garimpeiro

Savour the best mineira’s cuisine main dishes.

  • Chef Vandeca

    Chef Vandeca

  • Food form Minas

    Food form Minas

  • Restaurant O Garimpeiro

    Restaurant O Garimpeiro

  • Bambá do Garimpo

    Bambá do Garimpo

  • Lombo com Feijão Tropeiro

    Lombo com Feijão Tropeiro

  • Ximxim da Xica

    Ximxim da Xica

Diamantina’s cooking customs are very rooted and each family keeps the recipes very well reserved. From this rich tradition, our chef Vandeca organized his cuisine’s base. Either in town or at the media, Vandeca’s name is always related to the way he’s able to cook the simplest food making it a delicious dish.